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Competing Worldviews: “Why Can’t You See the Gospel Like I Do?”

Why would I consider myself both a Secularist and a Theist? How do different worldviews compete within our hearts for allegiance? The purpose of this Missiological Reflection is to provide you with categories for interpreting yourself and the culture in which you minister.

The Missional Helix—Cultural Analysis

Cultural analysis, the second element of the Missional Helix, enables missionaries and ministers to define types of peoples within a cultural context, to understand the social construction of their reality, to perceive how they are socially related to one another, and to explain how the Christian message intersects with every aspect of culture (birth rites, coming-of-age rituals, weddings, funerals, and so on).

Proclaiming the Kingdom of God among Animists and Secularists

Presented at the Symposium “Distinctively Christian, Distinctly Mongolian” in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, on March 12, 2003 By Dr. Gailyn Van Rheenen Their tenseness was apparent as they sipped tea at my house. They were wondering, “Will this missionary understand what we have come to explain?”  After circling the problem for some minutes, they stated, “Two of […]

MR #36: Dream the dream . . . again

Dream the dream . . . again. Walking with God–personally, intimately, faithfully. Being transformed into God’s likeness.   Absorbing God’s love, seeing His holiness, witnessing His faithfulness.   Shedding anger, losing lust, giving up personal advantage.   Reframing ego–from our glory to His glory.   Praying, fasting, worshipping . . . communing with God.   […]

MR #26: The Missional Helix: Example of Church Planting

In the last missiological reflection I described the Missional Helix and attempted to show the intertwining, inseparable nature of theological reflection, cultural analysis, historical perspective, and strategy formation in the practice of ministry. Developing practice of ministry was understood as a helix because theology, history, culture, and strategy build on one another as the community […]

MR #33: Imagining Christ’s Church in the City

The following cartoon appeared in the Easter Sunday edition of the Daily Nation, the major newspaper in Kenya, East Africa, soon after “The Passion of Christ” appeared in theatres.  The drawing contrasted the “Passion” and “Church” of Christ (Sunday Nation, April 11).

MR #34: Contrasting Missional and Church Growth Perspectives

I pray that churches will become missional, i.e., theologically-formed, Christ-centered, Spirit-led fellowships who seek to faithfully incarnate the purposes of Christ.  Missional churches define themselves as bodies formed by the calling and sending of God and reflecting the redemptive reign of God in Christ.  They are unique communities in the world created by God through […]

Missiological Reflections

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MR #40: “Case Study: Translating God in Mongolia”

In March 2003 a symposium of Christian leaders was held in Mongolia on the topic “Distinctively Christian . . . Distinctively Mongolian.”  This title was especially intriguing because it uniquely captured many of the issues concerning the tension between contextualization and syncretism.

MR #39: “Spiritual Formation in Church Planting”

Christianity in North America is in free-fall, and people wonder why.

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