#37 – Kate Blakely

Martin Rodriguez sits down with Kate Blakely, an early-career missiologist currently living in Moldova. They discuss her experiences studying and teaching missiology, why the field matters, and her hopes for its future. 

Our Guest

Currently, Kate Blakely is in a season of rest. After teaching fulltime for several years while finishing most of a doctorate in contextual theology (Northern Seminary, Lombard, IL), she delights in the freedom to allow ideas simmer on "low heat." 

Before moving to Moldova, Kate taught fulltime at Great Lakes Christian College (Lansing, MI) as professor of cross-cultural ministry. She developed courses to champion cultural humility, which she sees as a fundamentally Christian virtue. Teaching widely across the curriculum in sociology, world religions, historical theology, Restoration Movement history, intercultural communication, and even composition and grammar, Kate enjoys every step of the journey… meeting students and partnering with them to learn how to face the world's brokenness in Jesus's name. 
Kate has reviewed books for various journals and published an article in the Stone-Campbell Journal exploring how hermeneutical humility connects Alexander Campbell and Karl Barth. In this season of rest, Kate is learning Romanian and "GM-ing" (or facilitating) for a weekly table-top game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Publications Mentioned

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  • Emmanuel Katongole and Chris Rice, Reconciling All Things: A Christian Vision for Justice, Peace and Healing, Resources for Reconciliation (Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2008).


Hosted by Martin Rodriguez

Produced by Greg McKinzie