Competing Worldviews: “Why Can’t You See the Gospel Like I Do?”

“Differing worldviews compete within me!” I was struck by this realization as I ministered to a small group of new Christians and seekers in Kenya during a time of famine. Crops were dying in the fields. Women were walking miles to carry water on their backs to their homes. Everyone realized that if rain did not come soon, current crops would wilt in the fields. We decided to conclude our time of fellowship, teaching, and discussion by beseeching... Read More

Communicating Christ in Animistic Contexts

Whether in New Age mysticism, occultism, Haitian voodooism, Chinese ancestor veneration, or Japanese Shintoism, animistic beliefs are widespread, even today. Gailyn Van Rheenen presents a rigorous, biblical, theological, and anthropological foundation for ministering in animistic contexts. Click here to see the book online! In this book Van Rheenen presents a comparative analysis of western dualistic secular culture and its worldview with the... Read More

MR #41: “Christian” New Agers: A Growing Phenomenon

The Missiological Reflections (MRs) are prepared by Dr. Gailyn Van Rheenen, Director of Mission Alive.  This reflection is a real-life story describing North American Christians who unconsciously absorb Eastern and animistic beliefs that lead them to perform practices that dethrone God as Lord. Read More  Read More

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