The Missional Helix—Theological Reflection

The previous missiological reflection described the Missional Helix and attempted to show the intertwining, inseparable nature of theological reflection, cultural analysis, historical perspective, and strategy formation within the context of spiritual formation. This blog describes the role of theology within the Missional Helix. A theology of mission describes the heart and motivation of God and thereby defines the rationale for mission. It identifies... Read More

MR #36: Dream the dream . . . again

Dream the dream . . . again. Walking with God–personally, intimately, faithfully. Being transformed into God’s likeness.   Absorbing God’s love, seeing His holiness, witnessing His faithfulness.   Shedding anger, losing lust, giving up personal advantage.   Reframing ego–from our glory to His glory.   Praying, fasting, worshipping . . . communing with God.   Bowing before Him, acknowledging... Read More

MR #33: Imagining Christ’s Church in the City

The following cartoon appeared in the Easter Sunday edition of the Daily Nation, the major newspaper in Kenya, East Africa, soon after “The Passion of Christ” appeared in theatres.  The drawing contrasted the “Passion” and “Church” of Christ (Sunday Nation, April 11). Read More  Read More

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